Was established in 2006 after we retired, in 1997 from irrigated intensive farming on 1200 hectares, to an 80 hectare uncleared block on the Burrum River located 300km north of Brisbane.

We cleared and developed the property with improved pasture and we were looking at breeds of cattle to run on the block. At that stage we had no thought of going into stud.

We then saw the Bazadais and fell in love with the attributes, that is length, muscling and oval bone which all point to the tremendous meat yield.

We bought a few females and a bull and began our breeding plan.  We built our herd up to about 50 breeders over the years, but are now scaling our herd down.

We are using Bazadais over South Devon and Red Poll for commercial purposes and also attempting to breed poll cattle.  We have always been very impressed with the tremendous gain in length, the dressing percentage and excellent meat quality they put over other breeds and the reports back from the local butchers and their customers reinforce our faith in the breed.

Early into starting with Bazadais, we were fortunate enough to eat one of the Bazadais.  We were so impressed with the meat, we have hardly eaten any other breed since.

To this date, we are still very much in love with our quiet and friendly Bazadais.



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FLS.2 Bazadaise Group